Why Do Companies Choose Credit Admiral?

Better Results = happier clients = happier referral partners = more referrals = More Money!

We believe we have a superior credit repair software platform running an expert system that will get you better results for your clients!  This is a credit repair software package which will manage your entire business at a modest price. Our software does it all from managing the prospects with a CRM system to complete workflow management with credit bureau letters and creditor letters. One issue that often plagues credit repair companies is clients who owe you money. Our automated billing module really helps with managing those problem paying clients. Our software uses the highest security protocols and is hosted on high bandwidth solid state drive servers.

Our software was developed by credit repair professionals FOR credit repair professionals. It’s not just a slogan – it’s our history. Too many other platforms were developed by organizations who did not understand the credit repair companies needs, were developed by programmers who really did not understand day to day credit repair, or by companies who were just concerned with making a buck and later left their subscribers without help and support. Our software platform was launched to fill what we perceived was a void in the credit repair community. Our goal is to listen to our clients and continually improve our product to make your life easier in our ever evolving and changing market of credit repair.

Another important reason to consider Credit Admiral’s credit repair software is not our software, but our community. We have a vision of a united credit repair industry, that together, can lobby against the all powerful credit bureaus. Credit Admiral software supports NACSO (National Association of Credit Services Organizations). In fact we support NACSO so much so that we will be crediting your 12th and 24th months payments to your NACSO membership dues if you are a member in good standing!

We hope you will join our vision – the team at Credit Admiral Software